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| Last Updated:03/04/2014

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Latest News

Water crisis in West Karbi Anglong, 30 March 2014


DIPHU: If reports are to be believed, large part of Hamren sub–division is severely hit by a drought like situation due to scarcity of rain water in the area for the past several months. Adding to their relentless misery is the rivulets that they depend on for accumulating water, which became dry due to scarcity of rain. As the rivulet depends on rainwater, the scanty rainfall played the interjection part that led all the streams and rivulets to dry. PHE (Rural) Department of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council, in their official records, reported that the necessary water supply schemes in the affected areas were already completed. However, the drastically affected areas like Lomumjem, Rongkimi, Archong, Mukoilum, Tibin, Jikilok, Umkhermi, Longtar, Thapi, Rongpang–Bong, Rongkhelan, Harlack, Umpaveng, Larsing, Tapat, Mukhim, Methade and Rong Mandu have no signs of PHE’s water supply schemes being taken up or completed, or anywhere of their schemes works being taking place despite mentioned in their official record as completed. The bogus claims of the PHE (Rural) Department in their official records, suggest enough, that the centrally sponsored schemes fund is being diverted if not pocketed.


In the drought hit areas of West Karbi Anglong, the villagers, especially, resort to unhygienic method to fetch a pail of water for their daily drinking. The rural populace basically depends on streams, brooks and rivulets, the natural sources of water, however, with the dearth of rain for many months, the entire region is experiencing drought like condition. The populace settled in the hilly region is experiencing the worst in this dry season, as rainfall and rivulet is scanty and drying up giving them a big time nightmarish experience. Some villagers in Rongmandu, a village situated in Hamren, discourses pathetic condition brought to them by drought; they lambasted the PHE Department for their apathy towards them. The villagers settled in the hilly region are now have to come down to the low–lying areas for fetching water, however, their water source are solely from shallow drenched places making diminutive dents. The unsafe drinking pattern of the villagers has created health havoc in the areas. Despite the authority knowing the fact very well, they kept mum on the issue as if nothing drastic had happened.