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| Last Updated:04/04/2014

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Residents raise a stink about piling garbage near LNJP, Pant Hospital

BINDU SHAJAN PERAPPADAN, The Hindu, 04 April 2014


Messed up:The uncleared ‘dhalao’ in front of LNJP Hospital staff quartersis becoming a health hazard.Photo: Monica Tiwari

NEW DELHI: A few kilometres away from the manicured green lawns and rows of neat flower beds of Lutyen’s Delhi, staff of the Lok Nayak Jaya Prakash and GB Pant Hospitals and residents around the area are fighting to beat the stink from the rotting garbage collected at the ‘dhalao’ – government-run garbage collection sites – over the past few days.

With over two-day-old garbage piling up here and the civic agency refusing to clear it, residents claim that it has become a health hazard. The multi-storeyed nurses’ quarters are located just a wall away and adjacent to the ‘dhalao’ is a densely populated market-cum-slum. Garbage from all these areas is collected and dumped at the ‘dhalao’ from where it can be cleared.

“The rising temperature (which causes speedier decay) and the fact that despite repeated appeals the garbage is not cleared every day creates a problem for the residents here,” said an employee of the LNJP sanitation department who did not want to be named.


“This has been a major problem here for several years now and the problem becomes worse during summer months and monsoons,” he added. Residents (staff nurses from the complex) claim that for years they have been asking the authorities to shut down and move the ‘dhalao’ from the spot. “Nobody is willing to listen and understand the problems that we face here every day,” said a staff nurse.