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| Last Updated:09/04/2014

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Latest News

‘Tiger Toilet will change sanitation thoughts’, 05 April 2014


The inventor of “Tiger Toilet” project, Walter Gibson, a microbiologist by Profession claims the idea is to replace the traditional rural toilets of our urban cities. The initiative of this toilet system is depending on some kind of giant earthworm. Each toilet will be enriched with such worms which will nosh the stools. And the excretion of that worm can be used as compost fertilizer. The toilet will remain smell free and & also much more hygienic than traditional toilets.


Walter Gibson, MA PhD was talking about his invention call “Tiger Toilet”. It is one of the four new ideas of toilet that has created lot of concentration.


The Dhaka Tribune had an exclusive talk with the visiting Scotsman at CIRDAP (Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific) auditorium near National Press Club, Dhaka.