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| Last Updated:16/04/2014

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Angola - State Secretary At Conference On Water, Sanitation

All Africa, 14 April 2014


Washington — An Angolan delegation led by the State secretary for Biodiversity and Conservation Areas from the Ministry of Environment, Paula Francisco Coelho, participated in the second meeting of the 2014 Sanitation and Water for All partnership, held on 10-11 April in Washington, United States of America.


According to a press release from the Embassy of Angola to the United States, which ANGOP had got access on Monday, the meeting, which takes place every two years, was convened by the United Nations Children Fund ( UNICEF ) and held under the theme "Enhanced Investment for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) , in relation to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for All," serving to balance the performance of countries towards achieving the millennium goals. Among the objectives of the event this year stand out ambitious outline an achievable vision for the sector, the relationship between sanitation and economic growth and development, inform how the finance ministers of the countries may best achieve "value for money" , emphasizing the importance of getting the right investments to mitigate inequalities and achieve a sustainable and effective aid, providing an opportunity to learn from profitable investments? success and challenging participants to make water, sanitation and hygiene issues of high priority on the post 2015 development agenda. The meeting also aimed to provide assistance to participants to enhance the recent growth to accelerate progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


The meeting brought together ministers of finance, water and sanitation in developing countries, environment, and high-level representatives of development banks and water and sanitation agencies. Like the first held in 2012, this second high-level meeting, which took place at the World Bank in Washington, was chaired by the president of the Partnership Sanitation and Water for All, John Kufuor, former President of Ghana (2001-2009) and former President of the African Union (2007-2008), a global advocate for leadership development and governance and widely regarded for his sense of African and international status. Kufuor was appointed in December last year, the Secretary - General of United Nations Ban Ki-moon 's Special Envoy for Climate Change. The opening speech of the event was taken by the Secretary - General , Ban Ki -moon, who called for the need to create conditions by governments to the water and sanitation sector can be developed and contribute to the economic growth of the same. The event was attended by Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank Group and the Executive Director of UNICEF, Anthony Lake, who is sixth ahead of the UN agency, since 2010. The meeting was a milestone of high-level appointments in progress among developing countries and donors once again pledged to attend so that the main constraints related to the sector are exceeded.


The international event is a meeting where governments are aware of the programs of the sector have an impact on reducing preventable diseases such as cholera , malaria , and acute diarrheal diseases . Participants besides having made the balance of the performance of countries with regard to the measures implemented in the Sanitation and Water for All sector in terms of global partnership , acknowledged that despite a general aggregate achievement of the Millennium Development Goals ( MDGs ) on the water, overlooking the PROGRESS sanitation and hygiene, has been slower than expected , which can lead to many countries fail to meet the target for water. Highlight the commitment of the Angolan Government, in the sector which translates among other initiatives, the implementation of the " Water for All " program, which aims to ensure access to safe drinking water regularly to the population of the rural area and that reached in 2013 , a run level of about 55 percent , benefiting approximately seven million people. This program got its start in 2007 and the goal is to achieve a coverage rate of up to 80 percent of the population of the rural area by 2017. With the implementation of the National Sanitation Policy and evolve the " Total Sanitation Programme " , which aims to improve sanitation in rural areas , with emphasis on social mobilization within communities to change behaviors, attitudes and practices, Angola calls , before 2015, to meet and surpass the goals set internationally , Last April 11 , Paula Francisco Coelho, State secretary for Biodiversity and Conservation Areas from the Ministry of Environment , held a courtesy meeting with Alberto Ribeiro , Ambassador of Angola in the USA , at the premises of the diplomatic mission .