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| Last Updated:02/05/2014

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Latest News

Storm water drains shrink road space



CHENNAI: The construction of storm-water drains (SWDs) in Nanganallur has drawn flak from residents. The SWDs have been constructed above the road level and a proper feasible study has not been made about the flow of water into drains, it is alleged.


“On a 20-feet road, the SWDs have been constructed at a height of one-feet and at a breadth of four-feet. The road space has been reduced. People are forced to park their vehicles on the road and construct driveway slopes at their own cost. On the 16-feet road, the situation is even worse,” residents said.


The road is too narrow that vehicles have to move one behind the other. Rather than constructing SWDs, the Corporation could have gone in for rainwater harvesting system percolation pits (RHSPP).


The civic body should have evaluated whether the SWDs within prescribed parameters, which would factor in the length and breadth of the road, the residents said.


The SWDs are of uneven size and above the road level. The present structure is such that when it rains, water would stagnate on the road. It would be wise to go for RHSPP, they added.


In many parts of the southern suburbs, water scarcity is set to increase in the coming days.


The Chennai Metro Water connection has not been laid in Nanganallur. The work on main and sub-main pipe connection work is over. The pipe is constructed to 13 overhead tanks in Alandur. The pipes from the roads to households are yet to be connected.