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| Last Updated:21/05/2014

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Needed: basic amenities

TANU KULKARNI, The Hindu, 05 May, 2014


Lack of regular water supply and decent sanitary canditions are causing concern to industrialists in the Rajajinagar Industrial Estate. Photo: K. Murali Kumar


BANGALORE: The Rajajinagar Industrial Estate, one of the first industrial layouts of the State, is today a pocket which lacks basic amenities. Established in 1958, the industrial estate houses a large number of small-scale industries that manufacture mechanical and electronic parts for several companies, including some public sector units.


Although it is apparent that the infrastructure aims at giving a fillip to the small-scale industry, yet not much attention has been paid to serve the entrepreneurs. More than four-and-a-half decades since the estate was established, lack of regular water supply and good sanitary lines coupled with a poor garbage disposal system are causing concern to the industrialists.


The demand for private water tankers to meet the drinking water needs and also for industrial requirements and the piled-up garbage at the end of almost every street are testimony to the poor attention being paid to the industrial layout.


Interestingly, while around 100 godowns in the estate have been taken over by industrialists, a large number of them have been rented out. This has brought forth another problem: a lack of space to store raw material.


People who have been a witness to the changing landscape of the industrial estate mention that wedding halls and colleges are taking the place of the small industrial units now.


V.K. Dikshit, president of Rajajinagar Industrial Estate Association, says that there is a need for the Karnataka State Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd. to step in and address the concerns of the industrialists. “Small-scale industries are known to provide a large number of jobs and contribute to the Gross Domestic Product as well. The government should make conditions favourable for the growth of small- scale industries,” he adds.


Labourers and employees too have their own set of problems. They are hit by the lack of public toilets and a canteen.


Meanwhile, residents who live in the adjoining areas refer to the increasing noise and air pollution levels in the industrial area. The industrial estate looks to be losing out for various reasons.


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