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| Last Updated:21/05/2014

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State pulled up for not providing quality water

The Hindu, 05 May, 2014


BHUBANESWAR: The Centre has rapped the State government for failing to provide water in quality-affected habitations.


“The achievement in 2013-14 as far as quality-affected habitations, rural population covered with piped water supply, number of tests done in laboratories, number of sustainability structure constructed is very poor,” said Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation while reviewing the State’s performance in providing piped water supply.


The State has reported the existence of 8,151 water quality-affected habitations in the State. For 2014-15, 2200 quality affected habitations are proposed to be provided with safe drinking water. These 2200 quality affected habitations comprises 1498 iron, 95 fluoride, 607 saline affected habitations.


The State should provide water quality results of 20 per cent rural drinking water sources uniformly distributed in each district during pre and post monsoon season, the State government was told.


Besides, all drinking water sources should be tested once a year for chemical constituents and twice a year for bacteriological contaminations.


The physical target for 2014-15 is 13,500 habitations comprising 2200 quality-affected habitations.


It is to be noted that the Union Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation had already warned the State government to complete incomplete schemes or otherwise it would be deprived of fund allocation under Multipurpose Drinking Water Scheme.


There were 155 piped water schemes which were pending for more than 5 to 10 years for completion and also another 373 schemes which were pending for more than three to five years.