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| Last Updated:22/05/2014

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Lucknow Municipal Corporation targets clean city through GPS tracking

TNN, 15 May 2014


LUCKNOW: The daily hassle of checking whether garbage from your locality has been lifted or not may soon end with Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) distributing GPS (global positioning system)-enabled handsets to its sanitary inspectors tracking their daily movement across localities.


A GPS tracking unit is a device that helps determine precise location of a person monitoring waste disposal and even movement of a garbage vehicle. LMC would distribute these handsets on a pilot basis to 20 inspectors in the first phase to monitor their daily movement in wards.


LMC has 28 sanitary inspectors and 12 supervisory officials. It plans to distribute GPS handsets to all 40 officials including additional municipal commissioners, zonal officers, nagar swasthya adhikari, zonal health officers, etc. While 20 inspectors would be distributed handsets within a week, the rest would be given after seeing performance and feedback of the device.


Each sanitary inspector has three to four wards under his supervision. He has to check around 8-10 garbage collection points daily. He is also required to visit three to four localities everyday to check general cleanliness on roads, roundabouts and main public places. He is also supposed to monitor daily attendance of sanitary workers. Often, locals from different areas complained about irregular workers' attendance and collection of garbage.


To prevent this, though, LMC has been keeping track of garbage disposal in the city. Municipal commissioner R K Singh said "while the handsets will help track movement of sanitary inspectors around garbage areas, it will also ensure that garbage is lifted from all dumping points before noon daily."


An inspector can always click the picture of unattended garbage from his mobile, upload it and send it to the reporting officials. This will help track areas where waste disposal is most neglected. Singh said "for the first 20 handsets, LMC will have to bear the cost of only Rs 1.15 lakh which is quite affordable."


He adds that people often complained about poor cleanliness in localities and inspectors rarely visit them on a routine basis. Through GPS, authorities will keep track of their daily movement and also of sites from where garbage is not collected. The city has about 486 garbage dumping points.


Besides, the corporation is also planning to install GPS devices in 12 garbage trucks and five mechanical sweepers deployed to clean major roads of city by end of this month.