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| Last Updated:29/05/2014

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Latest News

NDB facilitates improved water and sanitation access in rural schools

DailyNews, 27 May 2014


DB joined hands with the Sri Lanka Water Partnershipto improve water supply and sanitation facilities in rural schools; thereby improving access to education and promoting good health of students and teachers. The pilot project was launched in 2013, initiating rain water harvesting systems for purposes of maintaining hygiene in two marginalized schools in the Central Province. Following the success of these pilots, rainwater harvesting has been extended to thirteen rural schools island wide by May this year.


Out of a population of 20.86 million in Sri Lanka, approximately 8% have no access to improved sanitation and 9% lack access to improved water supplies (2010). Huge progress has been made in the past 20 years where open defecation has almost totally been eradicated except in a few pockets.


However, sanitation and hygiene are still critically important, as diarrhoea is reported to be the second biggest killer of children in South Asia.AlthoughSri Lanka's access to quality drinking water is around 82%, improving school sanitation and access to water is an important area that still needs attention; given that there are reportedly over 1,299 schools with poor sanitary facilities. While some of these schools have no access to pure water and sanitation, most others suffer due to damaged systems due to poor maintenance. Read More....