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| Last Updated:31/05/2014

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Varanasi Municipal Corporation's jan chaupal, an initiative to deal with sanitation woes

TNN, 30 May 2014


VARANASI: Mayor Ram Gopal Mohaley, along with officials of the Varanasi Municipal Corporation, will hold a 'jan-chaupal' at Ramakant Nagar Colony on Saturday to address sanitation related issues.


"It will mark the beginning of sanitation and cleanliness programme of the city. It is an initiative is to put sanitation programme on the right tracks," said mayor adding that the chaupal would be attended by VMC officials and corporator of the ward. A series of such chaupals would be held in different localities involving the local residents in cleanliness programme, he added.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his visit to the city which is also his constituency, had laid emphasis on sanitation and cleanliness, and also called upon citizens to keep this historic city clean and beautiful. Read More....