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| Last Updated:31/05/2014

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Gambia: Water and Sanitation

Allafrice, 30 May 2014


Water is necessary for the survival of living things. In fact, dehydration - the lack of water - will kill an organism faster than starvation - the lack of food. Since the plants and animals that many humans and other animals eat also depend on water, lack of it could lead to starvation as well as dehydration. In addition to sustaining life, clean freshwater is needed by humans for personal hygiene, irrigation, industry, and recreation. Humans bath with it, brush their teeth with it, use it to grow crops and to cool industrial reactors, and swim, boat, and fish in.


Despite the significance of water, research has shown that one in every five people in the world does not have access to clean water. And half of the world's population lack access to proper sanitation. This leads to constant ill health - millions of children still die from diarrhoea. Lack of portable water also means hours of toil for women and girls who are constantly weary, walking miles to fetch water. Most of these girls often miss out on school. Read More....