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| Last Updated:03/06/2014

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Sanitation facilities in sorry 'state'

Saurabh Sharma, TNN, 03 June 2014


JAIPUR: The case of Badaun rape and murder has exposed the lack of toilet facilities in the country. In Rajasthan, too, the sanitation facilities are in a pathetic state.


As per Census 2011, in rural Rajasthan about 80% households do not have toilet facilities. The state's position is slightly better than Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Bihar. In addition, the construction of toilets at these places is moving at snail pace since 2011.


In 2001-12, government under Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan made 7,30,385 toilets. The number dropped to 2,52,800 in 2012-13 and in the year 2013-14 (upto November), only 1,31,065 toilets were built. At the current pace it will take the state another 20 years to achieve the target of 94 lakh toilets.


Experts believe the state will have to launch a campaign on war-footing to improve sanitation in state. "There are lots of challenges and it is a multi-dimensional problem. One, there is lack of awareness among rural people about sanitation and hygiene practises. Also, lack of water connection in households forces people to defecate in the open. Even those who have toilets can't use them as they have to bring water from distant areas," Vipin Singh, member of a Jaipur-based NGO working in this area. Read More....