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| Last Updated:04/06/2014

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Latest News

Waste management goes for a toss in Anantapur

The Hindu, 04 June 2014


Solid waste management in the Anantapur town is all but non-existent for various reasons.


The Anantapur municipality, which has over three lakh population, produces close to 120 tonnes of garbage, both wet and dry, each day, and an estimated 60-70 tonnes is left on the streets and next to apartments and houses and drains - to be collected a few days later.


Sanitation has been a major issue that most municipal commissioners had to deal with, often unsuccessfully, allegedly due to the unyielding stubborn nature of the officers and staff of the Medical & Health and Sanitation Department.


“One doesn’t need proof that the concerned municipal authorities do nothing when it comes to sanitation. It is visible by huge dumps of garbage on the streets in the town,” says Jagadeesh, district secretary of the Communist Party of India. Read More....