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| Last Updated:13/06/2014

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It’s not the toilets, silly!

MEENA MENON, The Hindu, 12 June 2014


Giving everyone access to toilets and piping them with water is easier than removing the patriarchal bias against women reinforced by criminal remarks such as "boys will be boys".


The latest sport in the Utterly Backward state also called Uttar Pradesh seems to be stringing women up trees after criminally assaulting them and strangling them. First it was the two girls in Badaun and the ghastly trend seems to be picking up steam. Immediately after this incident articles appeared all over pointing to the lack of toilets for women, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about said one such story- referring to the fact that women have to wait for the night to relieve themselves in so many parts of the country. Few wrote to dispel this myth – one of them being journalist Neha Dixit who pointed out the painful fact which was ignored by the proponents for more toilets, that it was the way women were perceived in Uttar Pradesh (and most definitely elsewhere in the country too), as objects waiting to be grabbed and violated. She herself was not spared while covering a political rally, from obscene taunts by young men. Read More....