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| Last Updated:14/06/2014

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Allocation for water, sanitation declines: research

NewAge, 12 June 2014


The allocation in the national budget for the water, sanitation and hygiene sector steadily declined in last five years, economists and experts said Wednesday.


The coastal areas received disproportionately low allocation which was only one-fifth of the allocation for urban areas, they told a news conference in the city jointly organized by WaterAid Bangladesh and Human Development Research Centre. Research findings presented by HDRC chief advisor and economist Abul Barakat showed that the allocations made in the national budget in last five years for water, sanitation and hygiene had a strong urban bias.


Disadvantaged and hard-to-reach areas like chars, haors, the hill tracts and the coastal belt did not receive due attention from the policymakers, said Barakat. Read More....