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| Last Updated:17/06/2014

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Latest News

‘Nearly 60% rural houses don’t have toilets’

TNN, 16 June 2014


The rape and murder of two teenaged girls in Uttar Pradesh has put the focus back on lack of access to private toilets in villages, forcing women and girls to go out to defecate in the open which makes them vulnerable to sexual violence.


Lack of toilets is also a problem in slums in cities and towns, but the dangers are greater in rural areas because women and girls must go out into the fields to relieve themselves.


It is no secret that India has the world’s largest population that defecates in the open, but the incident exposed the poor sanitation facilities in rural India which makes women vulnerable to such extreme violence. The Narendra Modi administration has a tough task ahead as according to National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) data, 59.4% of rural India defecates in the open. Jharkhand and Odisha are the worst performers with 90.5% and 81.3% of their population without toilets respectively. Read More....