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| Last Updated:27/06/2014

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Badaun Gang Rape – Why India needs to address the sanitation issue

Fozia Yasin, TNN, 27 June 2014


One month after the horrific Badaun gang rape exposed how gravely at risk women and minors lacking domestic toilets are, India's sanitation scenario remains dire. Social worker and Padma Bhushan awardee ​Bindeshwar Pathak is founder of Sulabh Sanitation Movement, an organisation that helps build low-cost toilets across the country. Speaking with Fozia Yasin, Pathak discussed the socio-economic costs of lacking proper sanitation, practical ways to correct this — and the best and worst performing states in providing basic facilities:



Recent crimes highlight a lack of basic facilities — how do you evaluate the situation?




Well, women really suffer the most because of an absence of toilets in rural areas. They have to go to open locations only before sunrise and after sunset. Unlike men, they simply cannot do so during the day. Apart from a vulnerability to rape, they are also prone to animal attacks and snakebites. What's more, many girls aren't even going to school because of the lack of toilets there. Read More....