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| Last Updated:01/07/2014

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Why 10 million people die from diseases, lack of water, sanitation and malnourishment every year

Bjorn Lomborg, The Economic Times, 01 July 2014


Despite multiple gains, the world has a long way to go to improve the quality of people's lives. Almost a billion people still go to bed hungry, 1.2 billion live in extreme poverty, 2.6 billion lack access to clean drinking water and sanitation, and almost three billion burn harmful materials inside their homes to keep warm.


Each year, ten million people die from malaria, HIV, and tuberculosis, along with pneumonia and diarrhea. Lack of water and sanitation is estimated to cause at 300,000 deaths. Malnourishment claims 1.4 million children's lives. Poverty is one of the main killers. It is why children are deprived of nutrition, clean water and sanitation, and why malaria cannot be controlled with drugs and bed nets. Read More....