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| Last Updated:05/07/2014

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Garbage littered Lodhran streets causing diseases

The Nation, 02 July 2014


LODHRAN: People are facing numerous problems due to poor sanitation in the city despite spending millions of rupee on the salaries of the TMA’s sanitary staff and provision of machinery.


Talking to this scribe, a large number of residents from different localities said that that heaps of garbage could be seen everywhere in the city. They said that several diseases had broken out due to poor sanitation in the city, especially during the rainy season. They alleged that the TMA sweepers did not clean the roads and streets properly. “Some of them remain absent from their duty, while several others perform their duties at private places,” they added. They alleged that open sewers on roads, garbage dumps all over the city and lack of proper garbage lifting made Lodhran a polluted city. They also complained that there was no specified place for garbage dumping. As a result streets and main bazaar are littered with waste, which has been causing outbreak of diseases. Read More....