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| Last Updated:08/07/2014

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Only concerted effort can help revive Yamuna: Experts

The Asian Age, 07 July 2014


With reckless approach and poor implementation of revitalisation projects virtually turning the Yamuna river into a channel for urban sewerage and untreated industrial effluents, observers believe that only a concerted and multilayered effort can help in restoration of the river.


The Yamuna, which is spread across 48 km from Palla village to the Okhla area, has an identified polluted stretch of about 22 km, from Wazirabad to Okhla. This stretch of the river, which is barely 2 per cent of the length of the river basin, continues to contribute over 80 per cent of the pollution load in the entire stretch of the river — leaving 70 per cent of the city’s drinking water polluted.


“With excessive industrialisation and urbanisation of the Yamuna, especially in Delhi, the water pollution of the river has increased enormously. Now it has become imperative to yield a plan identifying viable remedial options and strategies for the Yamuna clean-up,” an expert working for the revival of the Yamuna said. He said it was vital to opt for a “bottom-up approach rather than a top-down” one to help this highly-polluted river, which is the major life-supporting artery of the city. Read more....