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| Last Updated:09/07/2014

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Maternal and child mortality, sanitation remain key concerns: MDG report

Live Mint, 09 July 2014


New Delhi: Despite improvements, there is much that needs to be done in the areas of environment sustainability, hunger, chronic under nutrition, child and maternal mortality and sanitation, highlights The Millennium Development Goals Report 2014 released on Monday.


The report summarized the progress made by countries towards achieving the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDG) related to health, environment, social equality and poverty till June 2014. Progress environmental sustainability is not enough, points out the report, as global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) continued rise those in 2011 were almost 50% above their 1990 level. The targets for eradicating extreme hunger and poverty will also be missed despite the proportion of undernourished people in developing regions having decreased from 24% in 1990–1992 to 14% in 2011–2013. Read more....