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| Last Updated:09/07/2014

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Latest News

U.N. Report Calls for Public Sanitation Funding

The New York Times, 08 July 2014


Nearly one billion people worldwide defecate in the open, and such bad sanitation practices can endanger the health of children who live and play nearby, the United Nations said in a report released Monday. The report, which calls for greater effort and funding to redress inadequate sanitation, measures the world’s progress on the so-called Millennium Development Goals intended to improve the health and well-being of the global poor. The report notes some advances: A greater number of children are living past their fifth birthday. As many girls as boys are enrolled in primary school. Extreme poverty has been halved since 1990. But about one in five people in the developing world still lives on less than $1.25 a day; about 25 percent of the world’s children suffer from stunted growth, reflecting the effects of chronic hunger; and nearly half of all pregnant women did not see a doctor during their pregnancy. Read more....