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| Last Updated:09/07/2014

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Latest News

EU to Grant Lesotho $102 Million for Water, Sanitation

Business Week, 08 July 2014


The European Investment Bank will grant 1.1 billion maloti ($102 million) to Lesotho to improve the country’s water and sanitation infrastructure, European Union Ambassador to Lesotho Hans Duynhouwer said.


The economic bloc will work with a local committee on allocating funds to various projects to improve service delivery in urban and rural areas of the country, he told reporters yesterday after the third Joint Annual Review of the Water Sector in the capital, Maseru.


About 64 percent of the population has access to fresh water and the money will be used expand supply from the Metolong Dam, Lesotho’s Energy, Meteorology and Water Affairs Minister Ts’eliso Mokhosi said. Read more....