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| Last Updated:09/07/2014

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Total Sanitation Campaign: Skin in the Game

The Indian Republic, 08 July 2014


Referring to a situation in which high-ranking insiders use their own money to buy stock in the company they are running, renowned investor Warren Buffett coined the term “Skin in the game”. The idea is not altogether a new one and restricted exclusively to the Stock market. More than two decades ago, the visionary BJP Chief Minister Bhairon Singh Shekhawat wished to ensure the participation of the community in planning and executing social welfare schemes. Later this idea came to be known as ‘Antodaya’ and was implemented successfully in Rajasthan to some extent, ameliorating the condition of the poor and downtrodden.


The BJP Government led by Vajpayee launched the ambitious programme of Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) in 1999 aiming to eradicating the practice of defecation in the open. Currently, more than 2.5 billion people worldwide lack access to toilets, one billion people practice open defecation and 600 million or 67 per cent in India openly defecate. Open defecation lies at the root of many development challenges, as poor sanitation and lack of access to toilets impact public health, education, and the environment. The TSC was preceded by the Central Rural Sanitation Programme, started in 1986 which failed in the wake of lackluster approach of the Union Government. Read more....