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| Last Updated:18/07/2014

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Latest News

22,000 tons of garbage piled up in Quetta in 10 years cleared, 17 July 2014


QUETTA: About 22,000 tons of garbage piled during the past 10 years in the provincial capital has been lifted under the ‘one-time cleaning activity project’ under way for a few days.


Talking to reporters here on Wednesday, Administrator of the Quetta Metropolitan Corporation Arbab Jabbar Kasi said that no effort was made to dispose of the garbage during the past decade.


“The garbage was lifted from Sariab, Ghausabad, Chalo Bauri, Killi Qambrani, Joint road, Diba, Satellite Town, Sabzi Mandi, Double road, Toghi road, Nawan Killi, Airport road, Smuggli road, Sabzal road, Western Bypass, Eastern Bypass, Kashmirabad, Killi Geo, Killi Durrani, Shaldara, Ayub Stadium, Lehri Street and other areas of the city,” he said. Read more....