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| Last Updated:28/07/2014

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Indian Railways to do away with direct discharge toilets

The Hindu, 22 July 2014


India may see trains without direct discharge type toilet in trains by 2021-22. Indian Railways submitted its strategy note with regards to doing away with direct discharge type toilets from trains in response to a petition filed by Odisha-based human rights activist, Akhand, with National Human Rights Commission. In December 2013, the activist had filed a petition with NHRC stating that railway toilets were contributing to a major chunk of open defecation.


Acting on the complaint, the commission had directed the railway board chairman to file a report. “Carrying 11 million passengers a day, Indian Railways is the largest open toilet in the world. Indian Railways is a large transport organisation running 8,700 trains, reaching 7,000 stations and handling crores of passengers per day,” Mr. Akhand said. Read more....