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| Last Updated:11/08/2014

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Gujarat turns a blind eye to manual scavenging

The Hindu, 11 August 2014


With the help of two small wooden boards, two young men — both in their early 20s — pick lumps of human excreta spread around a defunct public toilet. They then dispose the waste in a gutter nearby.


Their wages for cleaning human faeces? Rs. 162 a day.


Morning signifies a fresh start to the day. But for several workers like the youthful duo engaged in manual scavenging, it is the filthiest part.


“We do all kinds of work. Today we have been assigned this work. If we object, we would simply be taken off duty. Yes, we feel disgusted, but what can we do?” says Arvind Karsanbhai, hired as a contract worker by the Surendranagar municipal body. Read more....