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| Last Updated:16/08/2014

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Lack of toilets in govt schools causes concern

TNN, 13 August 2014


TRICHY: A total of 203 of the total 1,272 government schools in the district do not have basic toilet facilities according to a recent list released by the department of school education and literacy, ministry of human resource development (MHRD) on its official website about schools that are functioning without toilets and dysfunctional toilets in the country.


With most of the primary and middle schools in the district not providing toilet facilities, most of the girls skip attending to nature's calls, while the boys use the open grounds.


Though experts have commended the MHRD for conducting a survey, they say that it has come late. Paul Guna, a student counsellor said the issue has been boiling for a long time but they are never being looked into despite being brought to light several times. Read more....