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| Last Updated:22/08/2014

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Most Indians live in pucca houses but lag in sanitation, says NSSO report

Indian Express, 22 August 2014


New Delhi: While the NSSo’s latest report shows that most Indians now live in pucca houses and have electricity connection, it also paints a bleak picture of sanitation and hygiene conditions in the rural areas. Nearly two-third of dwelling units in villages lack a bathroom and less than half have drinking water facility on the premise.


The 69th round of NSSO shows 66% of rural households had a pucca structure in 2012 compared with 55.4% in 2008-09 and 32% in 1993. On other hand, about 93.6% of urban households had pucca structure in 2012 compared with 73.8% two decades ago.


Also, about 80% households in rural India and 97.9% households in urban India had electricity for domestic use. However, the NSSO report noted that among households having electricity for domestic use, 33.2% in rural India and 63.5% in urban India were using electric wiring of the conduit type. Read more....