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| Last Updated:25/08/2014

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Ggn condo takes 4-bin way to dispose waste

TNN, 22 August 2014


Gurgaon: A little discipline at home could translate into a giant step towards proper disposal of garbage, one of the biggest challenges for urban India. A housing society with 300 families in Gurgaon is showing the way by adopting a four-bin model of waste segregation, an eyeopener for RWAs and municipal corporations across the country . All 300 families in the condominium, the World Spa, use different dustbins to dispose different kinds of waste.


“In most housing societies there is no waste segregation.Authorities have no option but to bury or burn the garbage, causing more pollution. However, 90% of it is recyclable. We just need to follow few simple steps at the household level,“ said Siddharth Gupta, an RWA member who was among those who initiated the campaign.


“It took us about three months to spread awareness and streamline the process. We hope to show that waste management starts at home,“ said Gupta. Read more....