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| Last Updated:26/08/2014

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Latest News

Montreal sewage waste dumped directly into rivers

CBCNews, 25 August 2014


While the city of Montreal says it’s studying the idea of creating more beaches on its territory, CBC’s French-language service Radio-Canada has learned that sewage waste is dumped directly into the St-Lawrence River and the Rivière des Prairies after heavy rainfalls.


The data collected near one of the proposed beach sites in the borough of Verdun shows that, on some days, the levels of coliform bacteria were more than 20 times higher than the acceptable levels for swimming.


Many surfers and kayakers who use the water said they’ve noticed the problem.


“There was toilet paper, dirty water ... condoms sometimes. While we were surfing the waves, we saw that just passing underneath us,” said Hugo Lavictoire, a surfing instructor. Read more....