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| Last Updated:28/08/2014

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Latest News

Bio-toilets: for cooking, irrigation too

The Hindu, 27 August 2014


SALEM: The first bio-toilet in the district was constructed at a house in Panapuram panchayat in Mecheri block.


Under the Construction of Individual Household Latrine scheme of the Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan, which aims at sanitation in rural areas, the toilet costs Rs. 11,100.


The Centre’s share was Rs. 5,700, assistance from MGNREGS was Rs. 4,500, and the house owner contributed Rs. 900. The toilet consists a bio-digester having a capacity of 750 litre instead of the septic tank. It is filled with bacteria ‘inoculum’ that has a life of about 50 years. The bacteria decomposes the excreta and releases methane gas, and treated water. Read more....