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| Last Updated:28/08/2014

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New approach needed to curb open defecation?

The Hindu, 28 August 2014


19 per cent increase in household toilets led to 10 per cent decrease in open defecation and insignificant improvement in child health


At over 620 million, India has the most number of people in the world defecating in the open. Open defecation and lack of sanitation are the leading causes for water-borne diseases like diarrhoea and stunted growth in children. Over 300,000 children aged below five years in India die each year due to diarrhoeal diseases.


Hence, curbing open defecation is central to cutting the number of child deaths. But increasing the number of households with toilets and reducing the practice of open defecation to bring about any significant improvement in health outcomes in children aged below five years appears quite challenging according to a study published recently in PLOS Medicine . Read more....