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| Last Updated:30/08/2014

Latest News(Archive)

Latest News

2.5B People Lack Proper Sanitation, Creating Adverse Effects On Health, 29 August 2014


The Guardian discusses the issue of sanitation and its relevance to development and health outcomes globally.


The Guardian: Lack of toilets blights the lives of 2.5bn people, U.N. chief warns


“The world’s lack of progress in building toilets and ending open defecation is having a ‘staggering’ effect on the health, safety, education, prosperity, and dignity of 2.5 billion people, the U.N. deputy secretary general, Jan Eliasson, has warned…” (Jones, 8/28).


The Guardian: Ethiopians’ plight: ‘The toilets are unhealthy, but we don’t have a choice’


“Addis Ababa has more than three million people, but there are just 63 public toilets. … Government figures show that diarrheal diseases are among the 10 most prolific in the country…” (Smith, 8/28). Read more....