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| Last Updated:30/08/2014

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Lack of sanitation having 'staggering' effect on lives of 2.5 billion people: UN

Zee News, 29 August 2014


London: UN deputy secretary general, Jan Eliasson, said that lack of progress on sanitation and failure to end open defecation is taking its toll on the lives of nearly 2.5 billion people.


Eliasson said that lack of toilets was having a staggering effect on the health, safety, education, prosperity and dignity of scores of people around the world, the Guardian reports.


Referring to the recent rape and murder of two Indian girls who were attacked when they went to the fields to attend nature's call, Eliasson stressed on the need to build toilets for women to ensure their safety along with hygiene and said the failure to address the issue of sanitation would prove disastrous for a third of humanity. Read more....