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| Last Updated:01/09/2014

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Latest News

2,000-year-old Roman wooden toilet seat discovered

The Hindu, 01 September 2014


LONDON: Archaeologists have unearthed a perfectly preserved 2,000–year–old wooden toilet seat at a Roman fort in northern England.


The wooden latrine (toilet) seat was discovered by Dr Andrew Birley, Director of Excavations, in the deep pre–Hadrianic trenches at the Roman fort of Vindolanda, which was a key military post on the northern frontier of Britain before the building of Hadrian’s Wall.


According to the Vindolanda Charitable Trust, there are many examples of stone and marble seat benches from across the Roman Empire but this is believed to be the only surviving wooden seat, almost perfectly preserved in the anaerobic, oxygen free, conditions which exist at Vindolanda. Read more....