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| Last Updated:02/09/2014

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Latest News

Concrete solutions to the world’s sanitation problems

The Guardian, 01 September 2014


Two-and-a-half billion people lack access to improved sanitation, but there’s more to sanitation than just toilets (Global lack of toilets afflicting 2.5bn people – UN, 29 August). Increased media attention on the issue is welcome, particularly a focus on women and girls. However, a solution will only be achieved if the response takes into account the entire process from toilet to disposal or reuse. In reality, this involves improving capture, storage, transport, treatment and disposal or reuse of human waste.


In Zambia, where nearly two-thirds of Lusaka’s 2.3 million residents depend on pit latrines, the biggest sanitation issue is contamination from untreated human waste. When these latrines are full, most landlords choose to bury the sludge nearby, contributing to the contamination of open areas and shallow groundwater. This results in annual outbreaks of cholera in the poorest urban areas. Read more....