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| Last Updated:03/09/2014

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Plastic waste as industrial fuel: New plan may hold garbage fix

TNN, 01 September 2014


People in the city started an active civic movement to clean the city's beaches and roads in the '90s. With the garbage problem completely out of hand 20 years later, and Corporation of Chennai's plan to close the city's dump yards at Kodingaiyur and Pallikarnai likely to be delayed by a full four years, a coalition of voluntary organisations has come up with a plan to help the civic body sort out the mess.


City Sustain, a group of NGOs and research organisations, the corporation and private sanitation services provider Ramky Enviro will launch a pilot project in October to decentralise the collection and disposal of plastic waste from Zone 13, which includes neighbourhoods like Adyar, Thiruvanmiyur, Guindy , Velachery and Raja Annamalaipuram. They will tie up with cement, steel and other companies with manufacturing processes that require high operational temperatures that can use plastic waste to fire up their plants in combination with traditional fuels such as coal.


“Plastic can be used in the industrial processes of cement or steel companies. Cement factories burn plastic at a temperature of 1,400oC-1,500oC, using it as a fuel alongside coal,“ said M G Devesahayam, managing trustee, Citizens Alliance for Sustainable Living, which is part of the coalition. Read more....