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| Last Updated:04/09/2014

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Latest News

The Mixed Results Of India’s Total Sanitation Campaign

Asian Scientist, 04 September 2014


A study published in PLOS Medicine on large-scale rural sanitation programs in India highlights challenges in achieving sufficient access to latrines and reduction in open defecation to yield significant health benefits for young children.


The researchers, led by Sumeet Patil from the School of Public Health, University of California at Berkeley, and the Network for Engineering and Economics Research and Management in Mumbai, India conducted a cluster randomized controlled trial in 80 rural villages in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.


They measured the effect of India’s Total Sanitation campaign (an initiative to increase access to improved sanitation throughout rural India) on household latrine availability, defecation behaviors, and child health. A total of 5,209 children aged under five years and 3,039 households were involved in the study. Read more....