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| Last Updated:05/09/2014

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Latest News

India’s Sanitation Needs

The NewYork Times, 04 September 2014


India may finally be on the verge of making progress on eradicating one of its most intractable problems: open defecation because of a lack of toilets. Prime Minister Narendra Modi deserves credit for focusing on the scourge. But it will take more than words to solve a problem the nation’s leaders have been promising to solve for decades.


The World Health Organization estimates that more than 600 million Indians lack access to a toilet. Open defecation is a cause of diarrheal disease that sickens and kills thousands of children in India every year, and the lack of toilets often puts women at risk of attack.


In 2012, the minister of drinking water and sanitation at the time, Jairam Ramesh, redoubled the government’s efforts, starting the Clean India Campaign. But it barely got off the ground before national election campaigning began in 2013 and Mr. Ramesh’s party was voted out of office in May. Read more....