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| Last Updated:05/09/2014

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Stray dog census begins in Indore, sanitation workers to count canines

TNN, 04 September, 2014


INDORE: Dogged by stray dog menace, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has taken up an uphill task to carry out a census of stray dogs to gauge severity of the problem. With this move, Indore joins the league of big cities, including Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmedabad.


Corporation's cleaning in-charge (safai daroga) will handle the additional task to count stray dogs in his respective locality. Members of organizations familiar with animal census like Animal Welfare Board of India or Blue Cross of India have been kept out of the census to be carried out across 12 zones of the city.


"A comprehensive census work has already begun and we are expected to complete counting of stray dogs in next few days. Forms have also been distributed in which details of each dog spotted will be recorded and categorized. Each worker would be tasked with counting stray dogs in five streets during morning hours from 6 am to 8 am," said health officer of IMC Dr Uttam Yadav. Red more....