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| Last Updated:08/09/2014

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Sanitation facilities in the city down in the dumps

The Hindu, 08 September 2014


Building urinals in various parts of the city to improve sanitation is only half the effort in providing a long-term solution to deal with the problem of public urination, said Leader of Opposition SDMC Farhad Suri.


To highlight the condition of toilets in the city, Mr. Suri visited seven wards in the city to gather information first hand.


Visiting urinals in the city was torturous to the olfactory senses and even people who had walked a considerable distance to use one were discouraged from doing so due to the stench and poor upkeep.


Mr. Suri said providing proper sanitation facilities is an obligatory function of the civic body and it should be managed by the body itself. However, the maintenance and upkeep of waterless urinals that were built spending lakhs of rupees has been awarded primarily to two advertising companies who were to maintain them in lieu of space to advertise. Read more....