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| Last Updated:10/09/2014

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Capital's public toilets raise a stink

TNN, 08 September 2014


Not Cleaned For Long, Facilities Too Filthy For Use; Waste Dumps Full Too


The civic facilities in a city are a measure of its standard. By that token, Delhi will rank with the worst. Public urinals here are a terrible sight. Even walking past them can be revolting leave alone making use of them. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's first Independence Day speech laid emphasis on the need for toilets and sanitation but that doesn't seem to have spurred the corporations into action.


TOI went around the city to check the state of 40 such facilities and the overall sanitation in seven wards of south Delhi. The public toilets were in a shambles and the surroundings were far from clean. The nauseating stench emanating from the toilets rendered them unusable. Pedestrians had no option but to get around the place or cover their noses while crossing them. Except for two urinals, all 38 had no sewage connection and the pavements and roads next to them were littered with faecal matter. Read more....