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| Last Updated:12/09/2014

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Build social norms about sanitation

Livemint, 11 September 2014


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given the sanitation problem the importance and seriousness it deserves. Many companies have responded swiftly with plans to build toilets. This is a welcome step, but it would be naive to assume that we will solve the sanitation problem by addressing just the supply side.


There are now studies that show the usage rate of toilets is not more than 50%. Usage rates are abysmal if we define usage as “entire household using the toilet on every ‘toilet’ occasion”. For over a year now, FinalMile Consulting has been engaged in a project funded by Arghyam. Our objective was to understand why people are not using toilets and coming up with solutions to increase usage. We undertook field observations and conducted experiment-based research across many villages.


Women generally are the first to start using the toilets, though some women confessed to looking forward to “go out” once in a while with friends. Children continue to defecate in the open and so do men. Most toilets in the schools we visited were dysfunctional, built but hardly used or maintained. Read more....