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| Last Updated:18/09/2014

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Latest News

City needs smart waste management systems

Deccan Herald, 16 September 2014


In the run-up to the 15th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit scheduled for February, experts from diverse backgrounds on Tuesday deliberated on smart and sustainable solutions for Bangalore to make it a ‘smart city’.


As a prelude to the global event, a series of regional dialogues are being organised, first of which was held on Tuesday. The regional dialogue focused on themes like Smart Solutions for Sustainable Cities: Planning, Implementing and Building Capacity, and Clean and Smart Technologies.


Experts agreed Bangalore is in dire need of smart waste management systems, access to clean water and energy, and regulatory mechanisms to check the worsening air quality. A highlight of the event was the webcast done with Dr R K Pachauri, director general, TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute), and the participants and experts. Read more....