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| Last Updated:18/09/2014

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Rs 19.37 lakh collected in fines for breaking sanitation rules

TNN, 16 September 2014


AHMEDABAD: The health department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has filed 197 complaints of sanitation against various restaurants and eateries in concerned courts. The department has levied fines worth Rs 19.37 lakh for violation of health and sanitation rules at these places in the city.


Through mobile courts alone the corporation has collected a fine of Rs 5.25 lakh in the city. Data released by the health department of AMC reveals that cases of waterborne diseases, diarrhoea and vomiting' have increased in the city and 9,012 cases have been recorded in the first fortnight of September. Last year 9,111 cases were recorded in September. Apart from diarrhoea, as many as 104 cases of cholera were recorded in August in the city. However, not a single case of cholera has been registered during this month. Read more....