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| Last Updated:22/09/2014

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Schools and sanitation

The Hindu, 20 September 2014


As a newly appointed panchayat development officer in one of the panchayats in Bangalore Urban District, I found the article, “The link between sanitation and schooling” (Sept. 19), to be relevant. Karnataka is firm on meeting its target of eliminating open defecation in rural areas by constructing toilets as part of the Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan scheme. While implementing tasks related to this, I have come across practical difficulties. In addition to the lack of convergence between Ministries, I find the lack of awareness and interest in constructing toilets to be the first impediment. There are even well-to-do households that do not want toilets. Misconceptions about toilets being “dirty places” that must not be near houses, and a general lethargy in keeping the facility clean and functional are the other blocks. Instilling a sense of pride and moral responsibility in people in keeping the environment clean and keeping contagious diseases at bay by using toilets is the first step. In fact, part of the Corporate Social Responsibility task of business houses can be in fostering a sense of partnership between rural and urban India, by facilitating sanitation.


Vaishnavi K., Bangalore


Having studied in a rural school, I have experienced and seen all that was mentioned. Though sanitation is a subject under government control, the time has come to further the idea that good sanitation spells better health. Read more....