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| Last Updated:22/09/2014

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Latest News

Concern over open defecation

The Hindu, 20 September 2014


GULBARGA: India stands first globally with regard to the practice of open defecation according to a study by the WHO and the UNICEF, said Water and Sanitation Health Officer of the UNICEF, Salathiel Nalli, as he painted a sorry state of affairs on the sanitation front in India.


Delivering the key note address at a one-day media workshop on sanitation, organised by the Communication for Development and Learning and the Karnataka Union of Working Journalist here on Friday, Mr. Nalli said that more than 550 million people in India continued to defecate openly, thus posing health issues.


Among the States, Kerala and Lakshadweep topped the list for households having toilets with more than 92 per cent of the houses in rural areas having toilets. Read more....