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| Last Updated:22/09/2014

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Latest News

Mapping Sanitation

India Express, 22 September 2014


Despite having one of the most contrived sewerage networks, a huge chunk of city’s population still defecates outside; the primary reason being the absence of enough community and individual toilets. Keeping tabs on this issue, Shelter Associates, an NGO run by architect Pratima Joshi, has decided to empower the people living in slums with individual toilets and knowledge on solid waste management.


Working proactively since 1999 on the sanitation woes of the city, Shelter Associates were given a boost last year when Dasra Foundation, a strategic philanthropy group, approved their sanitation project plan under CSR and made funds available for the same.”In February 2013, Dasra Foundation declared a three year citywide slum sanitation programme. Due to our 16 year experience in the field, we got the funds and now we are working on the project,” says Joshi. Read more....