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| Last Updated:23/09/2014

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Toilet in houses mandatory soon?

TNN, 22 September 2014


All Govt Staff Too Required To Construct Toilets


It might sound “oppressive“ p but the Rajasthan government is con e templating an effective regulation to curb open defecation for people having d no toilets in their households. If the government has its way , toilets might soon t be made mandatory for eligibility in ( several processes, be it contesting local p body polls, seeking jobs in the govern t ment sector or availing loans from a government enterprise. e According to the 2011 census, only t 19.6% households have toilets. A base p line survey in 2012 in each district revealed that this figure rose to 27.19%.However in the same year, a survey by p UNICEF in seven districts put that fig p ure to 27.3% and in 2014 a survey by the panchayati raj department in other seven districts found toilets in 27.29% households but 72.71% households still do not have toilets.


In a bid to give adequate impetus to the Centre's Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (NBA), all state government employees posted in rural areas would be required to get toilets constructed in their houses. The main goal of NBA is to eradicate the practice of open defecation by 2017. To achieve this target, it is proposed that provisions be made in the Rajasthan Panchayati Raj Act, 1994, Section (19) that among other necessary pre-requisites required for contesting panchayat elections to be a `panch' or a member, the contestants should have toilets constructed in the house and members of the family should routinely use them. Read more....